Dear NuForce Customers:

We are very pleased to announce that Optoma has completed the acquisition of NuForce. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Optoma user community.

Our mission is to make the best projectors for use on business efficiently, on education comfortably and also for a brilliant life. For years, we have been dedicated our effort on creating the best visual experience for our valued customers, but our ultimate goal is to deliver the same quality of Hi-Fi audio pleasure as we always provided in our visual sector.

This is where NuForce comes in. They deliver nothing less than great products to audio enthusiasts who appreciate superior sound through designs of simple elegance. As a valued Optoma customer, you will benefit from the new & expanded product lines to fulfill your needs on both video and audio.

At Optoma, we are thrilled by the quality and technical innovation of the NuForce products– something you already know as an existing user of these award-winning product lines. We will support and enhance NuForce products so that you continue to enjoy the same quality and ease of use that you have come to expect as a dedicated user.

We are very excited about the prospects ahead as we blend the considerable talents and technology of Optoma and NuForce. We take pride in what we do and we look forward to earning your loyalty and support as our newest Optoma customers.


我们正式宣布 Optoma 已经併购了 NuForce,并且诚挚地欢迎你们来到 Optoma 这个大家庭。

Optoma 的企业愿景是做出让「商务更有效、教学更出色、生活更精彩」的投影设备。多年来,我们致力于为客户打造出最好的视觉享受,可是我们最终的目标是一併提供客户高传真的听觉感动。

这就是我们收购 NuForce 的原因,他们的产品是用简单高雅的设计来提供音响热爱者渴望的卓越音质。经由这次的併购,你们能够接触到更新更广的产品线来满足你们对影、音的需求。

我们很兴奋能够持续支援及改善 NuForce 这些广为用户认同并获奖无数的产品,我们将会确保你们享有相同的服务品质与便利性。

展望未来,我们对于 Optoma 跟 NuForce 所共有的技术与人才交流是充满期待的。我们将以服务与产品为荣,并期待能继续获得您的支持与爱用。


親愛的 NuForce 用戶,您好:

我們正式宣布 Optoma 已經併購了 NuForce,並且誠摯地歡迎你們來到 Optoma 這個大家庭。


這就是我們收購 NuForce 的原因,他們的產品是用簡單高雅的設計來提供音響熱愛者渴望的卓越音質。經由這次的併購,你們能夠接觸到更新更廣的產品線來滿足你們對影、音的需求。

我們很興奮能夠持續支援及改善 NuForce 這些廣為用戶認同並獲獎無數的產品,我們將會確保你們享有相同的服務品質與便利性。

展望未來,我們對於 Optoma 跟 NuForce 所共有的技術與人才交流是充滿期待的。我們將以服務與產品為榮,並期待能繼續獲得您的支持與愛用。