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The NuForce BDP-93 Edition  | MSRP $899.00

The best Blu-ray players that also perform as world-class music players!


- The best all-rounded Blu-ray player with a seductive Class-A Triode sound signature. Musical, warm and smooth sounding.


Upgradable to Xtreme Edition for $400.


Extracting high-quality audio from Blu-ray players can be problematic in that the HDMI signal format interleaves video and audio data into a single transmission medium. While a convenient means of transferring A/V data between components, the process of combining these signals invariably imparts a level of digital jitter to the audio data sometimes as high as seven nanoseconds. For the purpose of comparison, a good CD player's jitter specification is in the picosecond range, i.e., three orders of magnitude less. In practical terms, it is difficult to decode HDMI audio without employing extensive re-clocking circuits, thus inflating the cost of a good HDMI audio pre-processor.

The simplest, most cost-effective way of dealing with the analog audio issue is at its source. And this is what we have accomplished in the NuForce BDP-93NE and BDP-93NXE. By replacing the analog output circuit board with a proprietary design, the 93NE and 93NXE delivers the highest possible levels of the natural, beautiful sound that has long since established NuForce’s enviable reputation. We’ve every confidence you'll agree that the NuForce BDP-93 Xtreme Edition equals or exceeds the performance of the world’s best digital audio disc players.

NuForce BDP-93 Edition player (MSRP $899) and 93NE upgrade board (MSRP $400) features:

  • All 8-channels have been re-engineered to deliver ultimate audio performance.
  • Onboard linear processing circuitry delivers highly regulated and filtered DC power to all analog output stages for lowest noise and distortion performance.
  • output stage designed to avoid the need for a signal-degrading muting circuitry.
  • Advanced analog filters eliminate phase shifting within the audible bands.
  • High performance op-amps for a warm, vibrant, seductive sound.
  • The 93NE board's sonic goal was for 12AX7-type triode characteristics without tubes.


  • Supported Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz, 192kHz, 16-24-bit
  • Frequency response: +/- 3dB from 15-50kHz.

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"...Nuforce’s designs demonstrate that improvements to an analog circuit (the digital parts are all the same as a stock Oppo) can make a noticeable change for the better to the Oppo BDP-93’s sonics…The NuForce boards handled all of this audio mayhem without any signs of distress or strain…