USB Audio Setup (Mac, Windows and Linux)


USB Audio Setup

The following guidelines for system settings are intended to assist you in the setup and operation of your Nuforce 24bit/96kHz USB DAC products (Icon HDP, uDAC-2, uDAC2-HP, Icon2 etc).


Microsoft Windows 7

In order to apply the proper software settings, please follow the sequence below:
Go to: Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Manage Audio Devices 
Then simply apply the settings shown in the following graphic snapshots:
(if you don't see any Nuforce USB audio device in the sound setting, check the hardware setup)


How can I Switch from a Default Output to an External USB Output?



To switch from a default output to a USB output, you will need to open Foobar. In Foobar2000’s upper left frame, you will see Preference located under Files (or press Ctrl + P). Inside Preference you will see a tab on the left labeled Playback, where you will select Output. Then choose USB Audio or NuForce uDac as your output device for switching from Default to an external USB device.


Enter Winamp and select Preference under Files located at the Winamp frame’s top left corner. Select Output from the list. From there you can change the Default Setting to Speakers (USB audio DAC), which is where the uDac is connected.


You will not be able to change Audio Output directly from iTunes. Instead you will need to access QuickTime located in the Control Panel. Inside QuickTime Preferences, select Audio. Inside Audio, you will see Select Audio Playback and Recording Devices, where you can change Audio Playback directly.

Media Monkey:

To change output from Default to an external USB device, start by opening the tabs in Media Monkey as follow: Tools=>Option=>Output Plug-Ins. On the right side of the Output Plug-In Screen, access Configure. You can then reconfigure the output device at the top of the Configure Screen. 

J River Media Center:

To change the output setting for Media Center, you will need to access Tools => Option. Under Option, select Audio. Next, locate Output Mode Setting. There you can change your device from Primary Soundcard Default to USB Audio DAC.



Apple Mac


The following setup is captured on a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.6.6, using Audio Midi Setup application in the Applications > Utilities folder. 


If you go to the "input tab" and change it to 24 bit then the 24 bit/96 Khz output stops working. Technically the "input" tab should be grayed out like it is with the Icon HDP setup screen.


Mac MIDI Setup Note

Whenever the external Nuforce USB Audio Device is disconnected, the Mac will 're-establish' the internal sound chip as the default, and the 'MIDI setting' is automatically downgraded to 16-bit to match the internal sound card). Therefore the MIDI configuration has to be set to 24 bit every time Mac is connected to Nuforce 24 bit USB Audio Device.

Linux Setup

We are not proficient with providing Linux support. Some customers have been able to use Linux with our DACs and perhaps this article will help:
Configuring MPD for Bit Perfect Playback with an external DAC

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...The original NuForce Icon was a very nice, compact unit that served as an introduction to USB DAC's for me. As my headphones improved, and I acquired more 24/96 audio tracks, I started to see some limitations for it in my system, and the HDP version has come along to take care of all of those issues. With a DAC that offers better quality that $500+ players out there, and a headphone amp that was able to drive a difficult load, the HDP comes out as a fantastic bargain in my opinion..."