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"The NuForce Primo 8 earphones are an excellent performer and an easy recommendation to make for an audiophile on the go. They have a superb balanced and neutral sound signature that is suitable for a wide variety of music."
"“The bass strikes a perfect balance between power and precision; the mids sound incredibly clear and natural; and the highs help these headphones reveal subtleties of ambience and space that even many of the best loudspeakers might mask.”"
"보컬을 위하여, 누포스 프리모 8
포근하게 감싸는 균형 잡힌 음색이다. 대체로 남자보다는 여자 보컬의 노래를 들을 때 다른 제품들과 완벽하게 다른 소리를 내는 편이다."
"“Everything is harmoniously balanced, the bass is well boosted but without saturation, the medium that binds to the bass perfectly, the acute is present but without overdoing it and to finish, a surprising stereo”"
""The Primo 8 is quite simply a world-class universal-fit earphone – one that can equal or surpass the performance of models costing considerably more.“ "
"“The result: a general equilibrium quite impressive, serious crazy, a medium that is not an acute and that is not too much, and above all, a dynamic and truly amazing stereo.“"
"“The Primo8 have a good level of performance with a neutral tonal balance, good power handling, high bandwidth and detailed and transparent listening.”"
""Awarded 5 stars by the UK national newspaper – The Daily Mirror: “Once snug, the Primo8’s performance was indeed revelatory, delivering a range of wide detail rarely experienced with any sort of earphones, let alone in-ears.” "