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I have an Apple Mac computer and for some reason I get clicks, pops and intermittent audio from my NuForce product. Is the device defective or is there something I can do to fix this problem?


There are several potential problems that can produce this effect. Often the difficulty simply consists of a background application or service that interrupts or interferes with the digital audio stream. If you have any other devices connected on the USB bus, or are using a web browser, or have the USB DAC near another device that is producing digital noise, these can certainly contribute to the unit's less than optimum operation. Often, plugging all the devices connected to the computer system to the same AC multi-outlet power strip can resolve this issue. Stray electrical fields, DC offsets, and ground loops are capable of interfering with the USB DAC's proper operation. If you happen to be running multiple applications on the computer, try reducing the playback bit-rate to 16 bit 44.1kHz for standard CD audio resolution. This helps to reduce the load on the computer's CPU, since the system is not required to upsample audio streams on the fly. The more you are able to lower the demands on your system's CPU, the better the result. If you have an audio playback application like Foobar, you can try adjusting the playback buffer length to alleviate this problem. Finally, rebooting the system from time to time may be all that is required. Many individuals leave their computers on for days at a time without rebooting, which can cause the system's RAM to become fragmented and inefficient. Rebooting the computer clears the RAM and may very well relieve the situation.

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