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Is there an easy solution to the above channel imbalance problem?


Yes, in fact there are two and both involve adjusting your software media player settings (iTunes, Microsoft Media Player, Foobar, J River Media, etc.). The easiest is to simply turn the software's volume control down o where you have to compensate by increasing the volume control setting of the Icon product. Critics of this solution though often claim that doing so comes at the sacrifice of loosing low-level detail and resolution. While technically this is true, one must consider the actual net audible loss involved. The fact is, a decrease of -6dB of the software volume setting only suffers a loss of a single LSB (Least Significant Bit), and in most cases a reduction of –6dB would be more than sufficient to correct for any channel imbalance. The audible effect of "dropping" the LSB is almost imperceptible to even a trained listener, and only occurs when the recording actually uses the full dynamic range available. With a 16-bit recording of exceptional quality, the effect *may* be barely detectable. Conversely, when playing back a 24-bit high quality recording, any such effect would almost never be noticed even under the best circumstances when using the very best headphones. The second solution depends on the abilities of your media player software. If it has a L/R Balance adjustment, simply move the control in the direction of the weaker channel. The same loss of resolution issue as above still applies, but only to the channel that the control is being moved away from, and usually to an even lesser degree.

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