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My NE-700Ms have had to be replaced a second time. It seems that one side or the other keeps failing. Is this poor qualitycontrol on NuForce's part or am I doing something wrong?


Although our earphones look similar in many ways to other, less expensive types, they are a true high-performance product. High-performance products of any type tend to require special handling, as would, for example, a precision race-car or delicate timepiece. The technology that makes possible their extreme level of performance and comfortable, lightweight construction, also makes them vulnerable to mishandling. Specifically, the very small diaphragm that creates the sound must be able to move freely in order to produce deep bass tones. That flexibility also subjects them to extremes in air pressure that frequently develops when inserting or removing them from your ear canal. The near-vacuum seal’s positive or negative pressures can make the diaphragm travel beyond its limits. If this happens, their close-to microscopic wires can be stretched to the breaking point. Should they break, the earphone cannot be repaired. In order to avoid this kind of failure, insert or remove the earphones slowly, thus allowing the pressures to develop gradually and equalize with the outside air pressure. This precaution should prevent any such failure.

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