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NuForce amp uses a lot of Surface-mount components (SMD). Are SMD worse than traditional through-hole discrete components?


SMD components are rated and performed as well and sometimes better than through-hole components in several ways: (1)The proximity of lead-less components reduces parasitic inductances, capacitances, and spurious induced noise, so the circuit performs closer to theoretical ideal even when operating at high speed/frequencies; (2) SMD manufacturing technology, driven by PC and telecommunication industries, are more reliable and consistent to produce quality circuit boards. Additionally, our rigorous component selection and scientific circuit design methodologies coupled with extensive computerized simulations and analyses, made possible by our deep insight of high-performance high-precision analog design, make very high fidelity a scientific reality and not marketing hypes of voodoo electronics. Using SMD with the resulting minimum parasitic inductances, capacitances, and minimum antenna effects, NuForce's analog switching amplifiers achieve the highest bandwidth at lowest distortion of a magnitude higher than that of linear and conventional switching amplifiers.

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